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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

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The development team, which includes HITMAN designers and one of the creators of PAYDAY, presents Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden-an adventure tactical game in which turn-based battles in the style of XCOM are combined with the need to hide and explore a world where there are no people, but there is nature... and the mutants. 

The end of the world, of course, has come.

It was only a matter of time. Irreversible climate change, a global economic crisis, an epidemic that has claimed the lives of many people... and the growing conflict between the old and new superpowers. And then nuclear weapons went into battle, for the first time since 1945, and flashes of nuclear explosions lit up every corner of the Earth. 

Now the war was over, and the planet was quiet. Nature reigns in ruined cities. Only the wind blows through the graveyard-like streets. 

There are no more people here. On the remains of civilization in search of salvation (or at least food) roam mutants-not people, not animals, mutilated beyond recognition. To survive, you and your companions will have to leave their shelter and go to the Zone.

Perhaps you will be able to find the legendary Eden-an ancient shelter, hidden in the midst of reigning around hell. There, as the legends say, you can find answers to all questions.

Though perhaps it's all nonsense.


Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is what you need to satisfy your passion for turn-based strategies. Enjoy challenging turn-based battles in the spirit of the XCOM series.


The cities are empty, the roads are falling apart, and the countryside is overgrown with grass. When you get back from the Zone, don't forget to drop in at the Ark, a dubious place, a kind of night club, where you can restock your supplies and think about your next outing.


A duck with an inflated self-esteem and a boar who can't contain his anger are clearly not like the heroes you are used to. DAX, Bormin, Selma and other characters that you will meet, have a unique character and a crazy view of the world and your life.


To avoid skirmishes or catch enemies by surprise, you will need stealth. These skills will give you the opportunity to decide exactly how you want to start the fight: your mutants will be able to sneak into the enemy camp, take the most favorable positions, and then suddenly attack.


Your mutants can unlock new mutations and abilities. So, Selma will learn to put on a solid as a stone skin, Bormin-to attack enemies from a run, and DAX-to sneak into the enemy camp. So what if it's a talking duck that's almost six feet tall and has a crossbow on its back?


There are always elements of the landscape around you that can be useful. Avoid the spotlight and hide from the eyes of opponents. Or maybe you will try to level the walls and buildings and destroy everything you see?


To cope with the dangers waiting at every step, your mutants will need equipment - from top hats and homemade slings to unloading vests and high-powered rifles. Imagine that an angry mutant boar is rushing at you in metal armor with spikes and a blunderbuss at the ready — you can immediately see the post-human era, right?

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