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Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf

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You will take command of a detachment of Space Marines from the order of Space wolves led by Valgard Killed Twice. The strike Cruiser of your great Company was trapped by the Chaos Marines of the Word Bearers Legion and forced to make an emergency landing on the planet Kanak, a wild volcanic world inhabited by tribes of harsh barbarians. You will be required not only to survive, but also to emerge victorious from this battle.

• Join the battle with the ruthless enemies of the Space wolves:

An epic campaign on a hostile planet full of dark secrets;

Fight a deadly Legion of Word Bearers-fanatical servants of the Chaos Gods.

* Brutal tactical battles:

Manage your squad of Space wolves in valiant battles that will unfold in a stunning and diverse environment;

Challenge your Brothers in multiplayer mode and prove your superiority.

* Choose your path:

Gray Hunter, Wolf Scout or Wolf Guard-you decide which way to go and which of these paths is best combined with your own style of play.

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