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DiRT Rally

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DiRT Rally — the most realistic of the existing racing games. (Verified by DiRT community players who have passed 80 mill. mile.) Feel the tension of a pilot who knows how high the cost of error is. 

Each stage has its own difficulties, coverage and weather. All cars wear out, but the team will help you not to fly out, although each rally is a marathon test.

DiRT Rally contains licensed content of the world rally cross championship, which means that the fastest cars in the world. Race in single and multiplayer modes. 

* ICONIC RALLY CARS: DiRT Rally offers you a choice of more than 40 of the most famous and significant cars of the past and present, including cars that are favorite players, and those cars that are most suitable for the terrain of the upcoming race. 

* SIX GRAND RALLIES WITH more than 70 STAGES: race on the muddy roads of Wales, dusty trails of Greece and icy asphalt roads of Monte Carlo. Take a ride on the legendary slopes of pikes Peak, the snowy mountains of Sweden and the breathtaking landscape of Finland. 

* OFFICIAL CONTENT OF THE FIA WORLD RALLYCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP! Race along the tracks of Lidden hill, Holies and hell on the six fastest all-terrain vehicles, competing with friends in a tense, not giving relax multiplayer races.

* CUSTOMIZABLE EVENTS: take any car and any track, set parameters and compete in a rally with one or more stages.

* RALLY CHAMPIONSHIPS: start at the bottom of the rally ladder and participate in a number of races, earning points and money on the way to glory. Careful driving and properly organized repairs will help you climb the leaderboard and get the most valuable rewards. 

* IMPROVEMENTS, REPAIRS, INSTALLATION AND CUSTOMIZATION! DiRT Rally exceeds all expectations in all aspects, including in terms of repair capabilities, improvements, installation and customization, which makes your game incredibly rich and strategically diverse. 

* COMPLEX, UNCOMPROMISING CONTROL MODEL: Codemasters has redesigned the DIRT Rally racing simulator to capture all the sensations experienced during a race through volatile terrain, as well as creating completely new models of deflection, suspension, engine performance and turbo simulation. 

* TEAM MANAGEMENT! Hire and fire members of your team, each of whom has different skills that can improve the timing of repairs of various parts of your car. Teach them new skills so that they gain experience and work together as a team, contributing to your records in competitions.

* Support for PLAYER LEAGUES: race with your friends and manage your own racing League. Create or join countless leagues and manage them as you wish. 

* DAILY, WEEKLY, and MONTHLY ONLINE CHALLENGES: you can compete with the entire DiRT community by taking part in one-day, week, or month-long challenges, and earn game credits that you can use to improve your car and team.

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