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According to legend, they are Ravenii, advancing hordes of bloodthirsty monsters 45 meters tall, who want to destroy humanity. You are one of the last Guardians of the world, a soldier named Avil, trained to fight the ravenii hordes. Destroy giants, protect cities and help refugees. Enemies attack from the ground and air, so you need to quickly determine the strategy. To do this, the game has a dynamic combat skills system that allows you to competently disarm, dismember and finish off enemies. This is not a war. This is extermination. And between extermination and humanity remained... just you. 

Story campaign: complete an exciting mission to save humanity. 

Secondary tasks: complete tasks and get bonuses for the main campaign.

Combat skills system: move horizontally and vertically, run along walls and jump with a whip to attack from the air.

Interactive game world: in the game you can move freely, destroy everything around and use items in battle.

Countless battle scenarios: all battlefields are different, so each new battle will take place in unusual conditions.

Battle mode: create unique battlefields and invite players from the Internet to fight for a record score.

Extermination mode: fight off endless hordes of enemies. The Ravenii and their minions will attack in waves, one after the other.

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